Sunday, April 20, 2014

Initiated Into The Club

I can remember following my brother around when I was a little girl, intrigued by all the things he knew about. He had seven years on me, so he was a wealth of information - particularly about things related to nature.

Countless times we would walk across the road and go fishing in the ditch. As we sat on the culvert, our neighbour Don Simpson would come over with a big smile on his face and ask in a most serious tone "are you catching anything today?" John would give him the report and I would just sit there swinging my legs.

I cherish those memories with John and was always happy to tag along.

This year (as I blogged about here) I joined John and his kids Josh and Kaelyn for an afternoon of ice fishing. It was my first time and I had a hoot. When buying my license, I decided to pay the extra $10 and be covered for a full year rather than just one day. We didn't get the opportunity to go out on the ice again, but plan to join John & co. on some of their fishing excursions this spring/summer.

This weekend, I was presented with my very first fishing rod. I felt like I was officially "in the club" and this was my initiation.

Can't wait to do some fishing this summer! Thanks John & Josh.

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