Friday, December 13, 2013

Reid in the (coffee) house

Glen & Linda (EVC) Me, Reid, Carolyn, John, Toby
So, my #ReidInLdnOnt campaign really paid off. Well, perhaps the twitter campaign never took flight, but Reid did, indeed, come to London. As I explained previously, I had been working with Reid & Carolyn and fellow Londoner Toby on making this show happen. What a lot of fun to pull the details together and make it happen!

I knew East Village Coffeehouse (a local favourite) would be the perfect location for such a show but they have been renovating for a few months and I wasn't sure what their timeline was like. When I suggested this idea, they jumped at the chance. If the place wasn't ready, they would open for the show regardless. Their new location is a great open space with tons of character and repurposed/reclaimed furnishings. I love it!

On the night of the gig, I met up with Reid, Carolyn, drummer John and Toby and his daughter Nora for dinner. As the majority of that group are vegans, we picked The Root Cellar. (also a great spot for all you locals!) Although I feel like we already know each other from Facebook chats, etc. it was fab to meet Carolyn for the first time. They are such sweet folks and down to earth to boot.

When it was showtime, I stayed at the door taking tickets and welcoming everyone. It was a packed house and when Reid started to sing his first song, the place was silent. His voice really is enchanting. Beautiful! Carolyn and John joined him on stage and they had some adorable banter back and forth. Lots of stories to tell and original songs to share/sing.

As I stood watching the show, I marveled at the fact that this really happened because of little old me. Just someone that heard a song on the radio and liked it. Followed an artist on Twitter and shared some music. Connected some folks on the left coast with some people here in London. It was a pretty cool moment. And this wasn't lost on Reid & Carolyn either. They properly thanked Toby and myself with a couple of song dedications. My favourite Beatles tune In My Life and my favourite Reid tune Rail.

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