Thursday, December 19, 2013

Auntie Janice's Christmas Extravaganza 2013

Last year I started a new Christmas tradition, and I believe it has become my favourite.

Auntie Janice's Christmas Extravaganza builds on the idea of my "special days" for birthdays and an effort to put some meaning back into Christmas. As the Grinch said "Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more."

After seeing the endless boxes, wrapping paper and the mayhem that ensued in my parents basement each year, I decided to change the way I do Christmas with my nieces and nephews.

This year's Extravaganza was even better than last. We took a horse-drawn wagon ride to Victoria Park, made gingerbread houses and watched Elf. I wonder what I'll do next year?

The horses/wagon ride was the clear favourite of the weekend. It was awesome! A team of Clydesdale horses pulled a wagon, fully decked out with lights and Christmas songs through the streets of London. As we headed downtown to see the lights in Victoria Park, curious people came out of their houses to snap pictures, wave and wish us a Merry Christmas! The kids loved it, bee-bopping and singing along as we went.

We got home and had some hot chocolate before snuggling into sleeping bags for the night. The next morning started a little early with some anxious boys ready to start the day!

After our pancake breakfast, we decorated gingerbread houses. I was amazed by the creativity that was on display during this activity! They all turned out fabulous. Unfortunately, Josh was sick and couldn't come to the party so, I created a candy house for him. It was fun. Inspired by the kids, I made a mailbox, fish pond and a little dog in the back yard. Cute! We also made festive cupcakes and watched Elf after lunch.

I have such awesome kids that call me Auntie Janice. Each one of them is unique and precious in their own way.

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