Saturday, November 02, 2013

My First Half Marathon

Well, I survived my first half marathon. It was a cool, damp morning and I wondered what it would be like for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon/Half Marathon, but I pushed on. I had come this far, I would see it through.

It was an early morning as we made our way downtown to find parking and get to the starting area. Wow, there were so many people! As I made my way to the starting line, I pushed through some eager people. This was my first time and I wanted a good spot! I waited nervously as they played the national anthem and listened to an indistinguishable voice relay what I imagine were instructions.

And then... they were off. I waited with my camera poised, scanning the crowd for a familiar face. Oh wait...did you think I was RUNNING? That's silly.

My friend Char has been training for months for her first half marathon and I agreed to be her cheerleader. It turns out that two of her cousins (+ one spouse) were also running in the same race, so we all headed there together.

I was on my own for spectating, but I was able to connect with my friend Amy who ran the 5k and was there to cheer on her hubby doing the half. Just after I met up with Amy, she was checking her stats on her phone and realized she had placed first in her age group! Way to go! We headed over to the medal tent and she picked up a pretty hefty piece of hardware.

We arrived at the finish line in time to see Patrick breeze past us. That's where we parted ways. I stayed put and Amy went to connect with Pat. For a while, there was a woman with a child in front of me. The kid was holding a rather large Batman balloon - which I'm guessing was so his Dad could spot him when he ran past. However the balloon kept finding its way in front of my face.

Ironically, I did not see any of my group cross the finish line. I watched thousands of people run past and I guess the faces started to blur together! And the balloon probably didn't help. Gathering everyone up after was a bit of a gong show, but we eventually found each other AND the car.

Congrats to Char on a great accomplishment. Congrats also to Lisa, Steve, Eve, Amy and Patrick.

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