Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thanks For The Memories...

Since making my decision to leave the glamorous life of TV, I've been reminiscing the memories I have from the past 14 years. I've compiled a list that is by no means complete, but some of my favourite moments from The New PL/A-Channel/A/CTV.
  • The Christmas Eve breakfast (with missing sausages)
  • Alan's scavenger hunts
  • Lisa & I inadvertently high-fiving in the back of a shot (I had just done the fastest graphic correction in time to go on air!)
  • Bob Smith calling out my dad about promising me a car if soybeans hit $12/bushel
  • "reporting" at Walkerton Watershed (I interviewed Great Big Sea, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Paul Brandt and The Watchmen!)
  • Wingham elections
  • working on the station's version of Survivor
  • the day the audio board caught on fire and we had to switch control rooms during the news
  • the many awesome stinger shots on the noon show
  • running to the art department (on the other side of the building) every morning to fix the clock on the morning show 
  • working with Trevor on the morning show. I swear he slept through most of it ;)
  • election subs (the smell of Subway always reminds me of elections)
  • Pancake Tuesday Potluck - frying up bacon right in the newsroom
  • learning to speak the language of Doug
  • sitting on a milk crate in engineering shooting the breeze with Scott and Mark
  • lunch at the picnic table with Bruce
  • countless episodes of That 70's Show, Friends, The Office and The Big Bang Theory with Scrappy
  • appearing in a Leavens Volkswagen commercial
  • witnessing historic events within the perspective of a newsroom - 911, The Bandidos Massacre, etc.
  • learning that Mr. Dressup died from an "urgent" on the wires
  • the day they cancelled the noon show :( so sad
  • Nick Paparella incessantly telling me I'm "living in the past" and calling me Queen of the Furrow (this relates to when I was the Dresden Fair Princess at age 11)
  • teaching my coworkers to play Dutch Blitz

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Carmi Levy said...

Some of my best memories of the newsroom revolve around you. Indeed, you made it the home that it was for me, and it won't be the same without you.

So glad that you're pursuing what you want and deserve to pursue. You're proof positive that kind folks are always rewarded. Only good things for you, my friend.