Wednesday, January 30, 2013


During my years at CTV I have spent many hours with Mr. Doug Assis. He has been my graphics guru, a constant source of technical know-how and endless patience to share his knowledge.

I must admit it was a rough start to our relationship. Our approaches are much different. Doug has all the time in the world to research techniques and perfect the end result. I'm impatient and need results NOW. (Part of that could come from working in the newsroom where my deadlines come fast and furious) And for this very reason, we did not always get along!

However, we have come to understand each other. Even like each other. :)  Over the years Doug has been an invaluable resource and we have spent countless hours together working on several re-brands, elections and general graphic needs for the newsroom.

He has helped me with multiple personal art projects that I have had the vision for, but not necessarily the technical expertise to finish. He has given of his own time to help me improve my skills.

The tables were turned on Friday when I, the grasshopper, had a chance to share my knowledge with the teacher, prior to my pending departure. It was a fun day as I showed Doug my tricks and secrets of the news graphics world.

I will miss Doug and the confusion that usually ensues when we have a conversation. I've mastered the accent but still have not deciphered the riddles that he always speaks in. Thanks Doug. For everything.

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Doug - Dagoberto - Assis said...

Working with you for this many years was always pleasure! Watching you delivering the fruits of your labour in one of the most stressing environments in a TV station - the switcher - being as cool as one could be, but with an easy smile and a jubilant "High Five" from time to time, was the topmost moment of some not so bright days for me.
Your recognizable hair season, that ability to know my "shuffle" from far away and understand my language well enough to translate newsenglish to me are now gone.
I'll really miss you around, and btw - thanks for everything!