Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have awesome friends. I already know that. But, in the six weeks since I got possession of my house, I've had so many people offering to help in lots of ways, I thought I'd give a shout out.

Sue Leckie: Sue offered to help me clean before I even moved in. We worked all afternoon scrubbing from top to bottom. It was a good feeling to know that when I moved all my stuff in, the house was CLEAN! She also helped me discover that my windows tip out for easy cleaning. Oh ya!!

Connie Berry: My sister Connie came for a full day of organizing, moving furniture, shopping for furniture, hanging things and brainstorming ideas. Master of the ideas.

Marj MacGregor: What a sweet friend. Marj came over for coffee one morning on my patio and brought Cinnabons! (yes, the real deal) While she was there we decided to go furniture shopping the next week. What fun to toot around with coffees in tow, checking out options and getting inspiration.

Murray Barnett: Even before I got my house, Murray was helping me out. He actually went through it before I made an offer - to get another opinion. After it was official he helped me by picking up, storing and then installing my rain barrel for me (on the hottest day of the summer no less). Always dependable, Myrrh.

Jodi Wildschut: Jodi used to be my roomie and has done the house thing herself, so she has been able to share her experiences and lessons learned with me. She also came over to help me hang some stuff on the walls, come up with ideas and even toted away some boxes for Goodwill for me. Thanks Jod.

Josh Murray: My cousin Josh thought he was just coming for a visit. What he didn't know was that he'd be helping to move a couch and hang some curtains! But he never complained once. In fact, I think he had fun with it :)

Dean Bates: For some reason, Dean has the ability to make me laugh, no matter how crazy the control room gets. So, the evening I bought my couch and told him it's officially called a "click clack" we had uncontrollable laughter! He also offered to help me move it as he has a pick up truck. So nice of him since he was officially starting vacation that day. Thanks Dino.

Things are starting to come together and feeling like "home". Stay tuned for more updates!

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