Friday, January 15, 2010

Today I had lunch at Connie's of Petrolia. Might not sound that exciting, given that Connie is my sister and she lives in Petrolia. But I didn't have lunch at Connie's house...I had lunch at the brand new tearoom she opened today! She has been planning the launch for a few months and today was the big day.

As we pulled up, I could tell Petrolia was already a-buzz. Several people were gathered outside the window, looking in. (I later discovered they were perusing a menu that was posted in the window) Jo-Anne & I entered and were greeted by Steve. He had taken the day off for the big event. Mom had reserved us a table at the front. A prime spot for people watching :)

The morning started with a birthday party reservation for 8 ...and they just kept coming! It was fun to watch the comings and goings, the well-wishers and the curious. I had an egg salad sandwich and a fabulous piece of white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake.

I'm sure Connie is glad today is Friday and she has the weekend to recooperate. If you're in Petrolia, check it out on the Main Street.

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LAURIE... said...

I can't wait to go, Janice. It looks lovely and I have my eye on that raspberry cheesecake I think!