Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dree-ee-ee-am, dream dream dream.

I've had a couple of funny dreams lately and thought I would share them on my blog.

The other night I had a dream that Karla Ann & I were on the run from the cops. I'm not sure for what, but we were in a grocery store and I wanted to use a coupon. For some reason you had to show photo ID to get the discount. Fortunately, I had stolen my sister Jo-Anne's wallet contents and used her ID as we look so much alike. (??) That way they wouldn't have my name!

Then we were in a motor home and I was counting out pills for my dad. (?) Someone saw me through the open door and came up with 2 pennies and asked for some of my drugs. He thought I was a drug dealer! I told him I most certainly was not and slammed the door.

Then we needed to get rid of the motor home (evidence of some sort) so I drove it to the Walmart parking lot at White Oaks Mall and Karla Ann picked me up in the green beetle and we sped off!

Last night was another funny one...

I was getting on an airplane, flying home from England. I really can't remember who I was sitting with - someone familiar but the face isn't clear. I was on my way up an was really crowded and I literally bumped into Mary Colvin, the mother of one of my friends. She was apparently on her way to Australia to visit her son. (he really does live there) I stopped and talked to her and sat down in the seat in front of her. (all of a sudden we were on the plane!)

As what happens in dreams, locations and people change without seeming out of place. As I was sitting in my seat, Karla Ann appeared across from me. She was sitting with another familiar person but can't quite place them. AND...the plane had turned into a bus. gets better! All of a sudden, Art Garfunkel was standing in the entrance of the bus at the front... right beside the door. Yes, it was really him. I was totally freaking out and trying to get my camera and find something for him to sign! My camera strap was caught on something and I was desperately trying to unhook it. It was then that I realized that I had seen him earlier, and commented to Jason "hey, that guy kinda looks like Art Garfunkel".

I'm not sure if I ever got my autograph, or even a photo as my dream ended without me knowing!

Hope you enjoyed my dreams. What are some of your craziest ones?

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LAURIE... said...

I think the 'familiar person' in all your dreams must have been me. I'm so vain.