Monday, March 23, 2009

Well, another year older, another year...wiser? Not sure about that one, but last week was the anniversary of my birth. Yes, it was 32 years ago that I was born. For some reason, birthdays are still a big deal to me. So, spreading out the celebrations for over a week was A-OK with me!

The weekend before, I did a little road trip to Lambton County :D I went to visit my Aunt Peggy, she's just so adorable. Then I went on to Petrolia. John & Karen and the kids came over to the Berrys and we had pizza and birthday cake! It was so yummy...Connie made a homemade chocolate/lemon layer cake. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera was dead so I didn't get any photos. I was so disappointed.

After supper with the family, I ventured on to Grammie's house. She was looking forward to having some company and had the tea on when I got there. My cousin Josh came after work and decided to stay over too. So, we had an impromptu slumber party. Grammie (who is quite the night hawk) and I stayed up talking until 1:30am! She's a great listener and I always like hearing her stories from the past. We had to put the clocks ahead that night, so the next morning, we were all still in bed when the phone rang at 11am!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Karla Ann in Sarnia. We played Scrabble (a rare occurance...I won!) and watched some old videos from highschool. Oh, the memories!

The next weekend Jason & I went to see Art Garfunkel in Toronto. (I think I'll save the details for another post) We also went to the Warhol exhibit at the Waterloo Children's Museum. What a great place! The London Children's Museum pales in comparison. PLUS they had original Warhol pieces on display and hands-on silk screening. It was a fun afternoon.

On my actual birthday, Karla Ann came to London and brought a picnic! It was such great weather that we sat in Victoria Park in shirt sleeves to enjoy it. Later on, I went to Jo-Anne & Nick's for a homemade dinner and then finished off the day at Starbucks with Sue.

Thanks to all my friends and family for making me feel so loved!

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