Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Large Fortune cookie

One day, as I walked into the newsroom, I noticed something peculiar. Everyone I passed was opening a fortune cookie. Perhaps there was some sort of chinese luncheon I missed? Strange. I made my way to my desk and I too was offered a fortune cookie. Our assignment supervisor had a HUGE chinese take-out box (with a CNN logo on it) filled with fortune cookies and was handing them out like he was Santa Claus. I took my cookie and asked Andy if I could please have the big take-out box when he was done with it. It just made me laugh and I had to have it!!
On Saturday night, Karla Ann came down for a visit. After an awesome dinner at Foolini Koolini's and lots of great conversation...we decided to make a giant fortune cookie for the giant take-out box. Being the crafty creature that she is...KA had made fortune cookies before. This skill came in handy! We determined to fill the box with regular fortune cookies and place one large one on top. The next day I delivered it to Jason. I think his face said it all! He He. If only I'd thought of the giant chopsticks!!

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