Sunday, October 23, 2005

This weekend, I discovered EHR...Extreme Hay Riding. This, of course has a lead-up story!
Several month ago, I suggested that since my friends Wayne & Sharon have a great piece of property in the country, they should host a hay ride. There was just one problem with this idea...they don't have a wagon, tractor, horse, even hay! They did, however, decide to host a "harvest" party. I kept bugging Wayne about a hay ride, but in reality, thought it wasn't going to happen.
Well, as it turns out, Wayne & Sharon rock and they rigged together the best hay ride I've ever been on! When I arrived, it was drizzling rain and Wayne was in the shop putting a tarp on the top of the UNIMOG. In case you have no idea what a Unimog is (because I didn't have a clue until last night) it is an old army-type vehicle. I felt like we were on M*A*S*H. There were benches down the sides in the back and a "chair of hay" for me to sit in at the front!! I was pumped.
The first trip was fun but rather uneventful. We headed inside for a huge spread of food and once it got dark, headed back out for a much wilder ride. This time we headed for the bush where we rolled over anything that got in our way (more or less) The adventure was heightened by the fact that the headlights were periodically going off, at which point we used a flashlight! By the time we got back, we were all cold but had a great adventure. It was time to warm up by the wood stove with a coffee or hot apple cider.
Wayne & Sharon, thanks for hosting such a great event! Looking forward to next year!

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