Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I finally headed home and in the evening had some friends over to play board games. Frankly, I think board games are underrated. Maybe it's my competitive nature or my love of all things fun...who knows, but I love board games. We started off with a rousing game of OUTBURST and split up to play FLASHBACK (70's, 80's & 90's TV trivia) in one room and CONJECTURE in the other. Conjecture just might be my most favourite board game. It is similar to Pictionary but it is played with playdough. It might sound a little strange and intimidating, but once you play a round, you're hooked!
Wayne was my partner after his wife Sharon tossed him aside like last week's trash. She apparently didn't think he had any artistic abilities, but we rocked! Of course, Sharon's feeble attempt at a tooth fairy (see photos) was proof of her own artistic talents.
All in all, a fun evening. I've already had requests for the next one!!

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Jo-Anne said...

shouldn't your sister be the tooth fairy? :)