Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I have not had much time for blogging lately, despite the endless supply of content I could write about! However, there is one thing I am bursting to share. It's an incredible story of God's provision.

After getting engaged, Devin and I have had a whirlwind of activity: preparing his house to sell included decluttering, packing, cleaning and a few minor fix-it jobs. When his house finally sold, we were able to purchase our new home in Mount Elgin. Moving day came and went and we are still left with boxes to unpack and settling in to do. With the wedding approaching so quickly, we decided to sell my house after the big day. We didn't need to add any more stress to our lives!

However, when opportunity knocks, you should at least see who's at the door! One night as Devin & Cody were leaving my house, Cody was looking in the mailbox and told me that I have mail. He handed me a Century 21 card with a handwritten note on the back: Want to sell? I have a buyer.

Of course, I promptly called the agent and discovered she had three clients looking for a bungalow in my neighbourhood. The market was quiet in London and she walked the area and left cards at the houses she felt were a match. She was thrilled that I called. I explained that I wasn't quite ready to list. I hadn't had time to "stage" the house and wouldn't have time before the wedding. She assured me that they would be looking at the house and not my stuff.

I called my agent Vicki and explained the situation. She suggested an exclusive listing - meaning it wouldn't be on MLS and no sign on my lawn. Only limited people would be coming and going. Sounded perfect to me. If we didn't get the offer we wanted, we could just wait until after the wedding and go ahead with our original plan. Sunday afternoon I signed the paperwork to list the house.

That week, I had three people go through the house without much fuss. On Saturday, six days after listing, my hair dresser sent me a text. "I know you're not planning to sell your house until after the wedding, but I know someone that is interested. Can he do a drive by?" I couldn't believe it! I texted her back to let her know that I had, in fact, just listed the house and he was welcome to take a look! The following day my agent took him through. The following day I accepted an offer.... 8 days was all it took! We got what we wanted as far as price and closing date AND we didn't have to do any of the fix-it projects that we expected. No staging, no decluttering, no stress!

While celebrating this huge weight lifted off our shoulders, Devin commented that surely this is God's wedding present to us. Indeed.

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