Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fab Four(th)

In all the excitement of getting engaged, I nearly forgot that I'll be hanging out with my favourite Beatle in a few weeks!

One morning in mid-August, I woke up to see this post on Instagram. I was SO EXCITED! Obviously, I needed to get tickets. Not only was I thrilled that I'd get to see Sir Paul again, but I'd get to share this experience with Devin.

I set about researching when the tickets would go on sale and various pre-sale options. Because I am on his email list, I had a pre-sale password for Monday. At 9:55am I announced to the office that I would be busy for the next few minutes as I secured my tickets. Ahem, um, ya. That didn't happen. I tried for about 30 minutes and was unsuccessful before they were gone. Not to worry. There was another pre-sale through Live Nation on Thursday and if all else failed - the tickets went on sale to the general public on Friday.

We had plans to go to Wonderland on Friday, so I really wanted to get the pre-sale tickets. Alas, it was not meant to be. Again, I announced to the office that Paul needed my attention for a few minutes and again, I struck out with tickets.

Friday morning came. We were in the car headed to Canada's Wonderland. I was armed with the TM phone number, the app on my phone and my credit card. At 10:55am I signed into the app, located the tickets I wanted and waited. On Devin's phone, I started calling the number. Yes, it was a crazy 15 minutes of calling and refreshing the app but I did succeed in scoring tickets! I was elated.

The concert is just a few short weeks away and I can't wait to see Mr. McCartney for the 4th time.

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