Friday, July 17, 2015

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

Four months ago, I woke up feeling nervous but excited. I was going to meet face-to-face with someone I had connected with on eHarmony about a month before. I know, I dating. Gah! But it had worked for a few of my friends and what did I have to lose?

Devin's profile caught my eye when I saw this photo --> Honestly, I was not looking for a single dad and in the past had dismissed any matches that had kids. But, this photo spoke to me. I loved the backdrop - it reminded me of my fishing trip last summer. And I loved the two faces looking at me. As I clicked through his profile, I noticed how open and honest he was with the information he shared. I decided to contact him. Over the next few days, we messaged back and forth and I definitely felt a connection with this guy.

We continued to communicate by email/text and we finally made arrangements to meet in person when he came back from Florida. Since he lives in Welland and I live in London, we met halfway in Brantford at The Keg. All afternoon my stomach was in knots. My friend Jackie messaged me to see if I was excited and I told her I felt like I might be sick. She laughed and said that's "butterflies" and that I should enjoy it. Ha ha. Enjoy it? Why, oh why are first dates so nerve-wracking? 

As I suspected, as soon as the initial "hi, I'm Janice" was over, I was just fine. In fact, it was the best first date I can remember! We had so much to talk about and the whole evening just seemed so easy. We had to leave when they were closing The Keg, but we weren't done talking! In fact, we have had many dates where the time slips through our fingers and logistics force us to shut it down.

I've often wondered where my path in life would lead me. I certainly didn't anticipate being 38 years old and single. But, God did. He knew the decisions that I would make that would lead me to this point in my life and the experiences that would shape who I am today. He was also working in Devin's life at just the time that I was wondering why things had not worked out for me in this regard. We are both convinced that He brought the two of us together.

I am so lucky to have found someone that shares my family values, is solid in his faith and treats me with respect and intentionality. I look forward to what the future has in store for us!

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Nick Koiter said...

You are both definitely smitten with each other.....worth the wait.