Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

I am blessed to have the mom that I do. I know most people probably think their mom is special - and they are absolutely right. But my mom is actually amazing.

She has proven herself to be a devoted farmer's wife and a steadfast support to her family. When I think back to the things my mom put up with, did without or had to make do - all with a smile on her face (and usually a song on her lips) I am simply amazed.

I have often said that women get a super power when they give birth and I stand by that. My mom has been an unending support for me and is always there when I need an opinion, a solution, advice or just a shoulder to cry on. She encourages me in my weakest moments and celebrates with me during my proudest.

Selfishly, I am grateful that I am the baby of the family. This position provided me with the best opportunity in the birth order, in my opinion. Because my older siblings were in school when I was born, I had my mom's undivided attention at home. Because of that, we share a pretty special bond.

I am so grateful for my Mom and who she is this Mother's Day.


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