Wednesday, February 04, 2015

90 Reasons to Celebrate!

This weekend we gathered to celebrate a very special lady. My aunt Peggy turned 90 today!

When you speak to anyone that knows her, it's obvious what a treasure she is... much loved sister and mother, special aunt, cousin and neighbour and a cherished grandma and great grandma!

Peggy was twenty years old when my Dad was born and has always been more like my grandma than my aunt. She was present for most birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Easter dinners and special moments like a graduation or piano recital.

She is the most giving person I know and willingly sacrifices her own comforts for those that she loves.

She's a fighter. She entered the world as a "preemie" and proudly tells that they used a man's handkerchief for her diaper. She hasn't stopped fighting. During her days working at a factory in Windsor, she lost her index finger but that hasn't stopped her from crocheting and quilting!

She has proven more than one doctor wrong by overcoming an aneurysm, heart attack, broken ribs, broken hip and cancer. During one of these hospital stays, she told me that she would need to live until at least 90 to get everything done that she wanted to do. Well, she did it. And this week she told me that she's now aiming for 100.

I have no doubt that in 10 years we will be gathering for the celebration of a lifetime!

Showing off her new wrinkle cream :)

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