Thursday, November 13, 2014


This weekend I kicked off the festive season! Yes, it is a bit early to start the holidays, but I love Christmas! I say... go big or go home!

I had reserved Saturday a few weeks ago when my friend Laurie suggested we spend a day making Christmas cookies. It was such a fun way to step into Christmas (as Elton John would say) ...the holiday tunes were cranked, apron on, coffee in hand and we started measuring, stirring, beating, baking, icing...

There was a call to mom to check the recipe, a pretend studio audience, some botched melted chocolate turned into an impromptu "chocolate pizza" and a whole lot of laughs. What a fun day we had.

Time spent with Laurie is always the perfect blend of catching up on life events, heart to heart moments - combined with plenty of silliness and laughter.

After getting some holiday baking done, I decided it was time to put up my tree! So, on Sunday Jo-Anne & the boys came over for lunch and helped me decorate.

Decorating a Christmas tree with a 7 & 9 year old is a unique experience. We started with getting the lights on. Liam really wanted to help, so while Jesse & I untangled lights, Liam was stringing them on the tree. I knew something was amiss when he declared that he was done after about 30 seconds. I looked over to see a strand of 100 lights on one branch. LOL.

We finally figured out the lights and got down to business with the ornaments. The boys took care of the non-breakables while Jo-Anne and I hung the more precious ornaments. A few new ones this year include a Hershey Kiss from my trip to Pennsylvania and one from Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. I love the way the lights twinkle and create a beautiful glow in my front window.

So, I'm all set for the holidays now. Bring on Christmas!

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