Saturday, September 06, 2014

The "unofficial" end of summer...

Labour Day weekend typically signifies the "unofficial" end of summer. Even though autumn doesn't arrive until mid September, there is definitely a shift that happens when the calendar flips. The kids go back to school, the days are shorter and it just starts to feels like fall.

As one last hurrah, I had some friends over for a campfire on Sunday night. At the beginning of the summer, I anticipated many campfires. A campfire every weekend. They are, after all, one of my favourite things about summer. Well, I had one on the July long weekend and one Labour Day weekend. Hardly one every weekend, but that's how it goes sometimes.

My brother had been describing some of the yummy pie irons they made while on vacation and I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea. So, I borrowed the  irons from my parents and stocked up on some "fillings".

The result was some tasty treats. We had pizza pie irons and all kinds of dessert concoctions. What fun. Especially for the pie iron virgins in the crowd!

Campfires always bring together good friends, good food and good conversation. This one did not disappoint. And, it turns out, it wasn't the end of summer after all! This week we've had some of the hottest temperatures of the year!

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amy said...

I was *just* talking about pie irons today! Mmmmm. Cherry pie filling pie irons were my fave as a kid.