Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's In A Number, Anyway?

Tonight I dialed my Grammie's phone number for the last time. She is moving into a retirement home tomorrow and will have a new number. Her first new phone number in over 60 years.

It occurred to me that she will no longer have that number. And THAT's when it hit me. I got all teared up because of a phone number.

Well, it's not really about the phone number. It's about moving on to the next phase. It's about less independence. It's about growing older. It makes me sad.

Grammie is one of my most favourite people and I treasure our relationship. I look forward to visiting her in her new digs and hope she settles in and makes it home in no time. I know we have many more story times over tea to enjoy together.

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amy said...

I got all teared up reading this, Janice. She is going to love her new place, I am sure!