Saturday, October 05, 2013

Junior Foodie

I recently spent the day with Liam for his 6th birthday. As a junior foodie and future chef, I decided to focus our day on the culinary arts. What a blast! 

Our first stop was the Western Fair Farmers Market. I knew Liam would love wandering and exploring the sights and smells that it had to offer. Of course, his left arm in a cast really added to the cute factor when he was chatting up the vendors!

He was thrilled to sample all kinds of yummy food and decided on True Taco for lunch. (smart kid!) We ordered a papusa and three different tacos. Mr. Taste Bud gave them all an enthusiastic thumbs up. He even discerned there was pineapple mixed in with the pork one. I was impressed.

After lunch we were on a mission to pick up some veggies for mom, a bag of apples and a treat for later. Liam picked out two red peppers and a big cauliflower (his favourite vegetable). The vendor was quite impressed when he handed her the money and figured out how much change he should get.

After cruising the market, he had his eye on a giant chocolate eclair for his treat. He seemed to be quite pleased with himself that he got the last one in the display. When it was safely nestled in a take-home box, we were off to our cooking class.

We joined about 10 other kids his age for a class at the grocery store. On the menu: blueberry pancakes and chocolate dipped strawberries. With his chef's hat on, Liam was in his element. He just loved the class and was the teacher's special helper at the stove and serving the drinks.

When we got home, we did a little more work in the kitchen by making an apple upside-down cake. We had a lot of fun while exploring the many aspects of food and this little chef went home happy to share his cake with the family!

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