Saturday, July 27, 2013


The last time I saw her, we were parting ways in Paris at Christmas. But last week, my cousin Carol Ann made a brief stop in London on her whirlwind tour of SW Ontario this summer!

We did a couple of road trips last summer, which were fun, but she had never been to my place in London! It was just 38 hours but we sure squeezed a lot into those hours!

She joined me for my Wednesday night yoga class (which, because it's outside, was stinkin' hot yoga) and then we went to music trivia night at Morrissey House. Olga's Yogis did not fare so well with this hipster crowd but we had a great time.

After much discussion about our respective Early Bird Cafes, we lunched there and relaxed with manis and pedis at Tetherwood. A movie, and ice cream rounded out the night with plenty of catching up, stories, laughing and reminiscing.

So good to see this girl. Can't wait for next summer :)

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