Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Is Country Music

I had the radio on, tapping my foot and singing along to an old-style country song. Sure it was Brad Paisley, but it had the styling of old-school country. For some reason, it got me to thinking about how we determine what is music to our ears and what sounds we'd rather avoid.

I love a variety of music and can often be found driving with the windows down listening to anything from Tony Bennett to Johnny Cash. Instrumental jazzy tunes or the melodic sounds of James Taylor, Jack Johnson or Reid Jamieson. Foot-stomping country or smooth crooning.

However, there is just something about country music that hits my sweet spot. This is what got me to pondering. Why does this twangy and sometimes sappy music make me happy? I started to wonder if this is perhaps because of the constant infusion of country music when I was a tyke. My dad firmly believes there is no other kind of music :) Do I associate it with happy times as a kid? Is it in my tight-fittin' genes? Or am I over-thinking this? Perhaps it's just good music.

I know most of my contemporaries would not consider cranking Conway Twitty when they're in the car but when he sings about those tight-fittin' jeans, my hand instinctively reaches for the volume. Yes, I may seem like an urban/modern woman but underneath it all, I'm just a country girl at heart!


Anonymous said...

Conway's "Hello Darlin' is incredible. My grandparents always had the radio tuned to CKOT Tillsonburg and country music was always playing. It takes me back to a time when things seemed simpler and your dreams just might come true.

amy said...

I think "Tight Fitten Jeans" is one of my absolute, hands-down, all-time faves. Of course it is no surprise to me that you enjoy music that hits that nostalgic note ;)
I love this post!

Laurie said...

Well now, this was a popular post Janice! Look at all the comments! I say a HEARTY YES YES YES to COUNTRY MUSIC and Mr. Twitty was a FAVORITE in our household growing up ... 'put your head on my shoulder' was often serenaded to my mom by my sweet father. GREAT POST!