Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Long Lightfoot

When my friend and co-worker, Scott Lightfoot, told me he had a job offer in Toronto and was considering accepting...I was totally excited for him. For as long as Scott has been on-air with us, I have said he is our best reporter. He just has a sense for news and always portrayed a professional image on-air, yet was lots of fun behind the scenes.

There is just something about Lightfoot that make people immediately feel comfortable and open up to him. I've always told him this as he always knows the gossip in the newsroom first! People confide in him. Yet, he never betrays that confidence. He is a great listener and always has great perspective on life (despite his sarcastic and jaded persona) Scott is a talented photographer, creative gift-giver and keen on gadgets - he's taught me a thing or two about wii games and iphone apps. :)

So, I was happy for him that he was embarking on a new adventure. I remained happy for him until the night before his last night in the newsroom. We were sitting around talking and the reality hit me that he was MOVING to TORONTO! I know I will still see him occasionally, but friendships just aren't the same when you no longer work together. In fact, in that moment, I got a little verklempt.

I met Scott during my first year working at the station. I was filling in as Associate Producer on the morning show "New Day" while they searched for a new co-host. Part of my duties was to co-ordinate guests hosts that were either auditioning or making a cameo appearance. I clearly remember Scott remote-hosting from the front of Museum London to promote the "Flicks at the Forks". He's come a long way... :)

So...we made it through Lightfoot's last day - complete with a giant microphone cake. The newsroom was pretty quiet as he made his way out that night, carrying his box of desk contents. But, we haven't seen the last of Scott. As soon as we figure out his new schedule we will have a proper send-off and I'm sure it will be quite the party!

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