Saturday, January 29, 2011


This evening, I was in the mood for a good game of Scrabble. I play Scrabble online quite a bit, but there is a big difference between the Facebook version and the real-life version. The non-virtual kind requires you to play in real time which puts some pressure on!

My opponent tonight was my sister Jo-Anne. To begin, I said we could either draw a tile to decide who would play the first word, or we could just decide who has the bigger word. Since I play a lot and she does not I opted to let her play the first word. I immediately regretted my decision. She played ALL of her letters - a bonus of 50 points! That means she started with an 80 point lead. Yowzers.

After a few moves, Nick came over and asked if I was actually going to let her play the word STINGEY. When I asked why, Nick explained that stingy is actually spelled without an E. Jo-Anne and I were both in disbelief...although more-so me as I could've saved her from getting those 80 points off the top!!

The game progressed at a rather slow pace with Jo-Anne frequently commenting that she should play more often as she was just not seeing the words. For some frustrating reason, the board just did not progress in a good way. I had both the Q and the Z and could have played the word QUIZ (hello? points!) but could not find a place to play it. Augh.

As the time passed, I had to laugh when Jo-Anne commented "when did this board get so obnoxious and ignorant?" I had to laugh! It was just not working for either of us and we were both really just hoping to end it. However, the letters in the bag were multiplying like the loaves and fishes! For this reason, when Jo-Anne asked if re-exit is a word...I agreed that it probably was :) Nick overheard this conversation and asked her to use it in a sentence. (that is always the test!) After a moment, Jo-Anne came up with "well, you with an actress...'can you please re-exit the scene, we need to get that again', you" Ha ha ha...favourite moment of the night.

We nearly made it to the end of the game, but I'm sad to say we did not actually play all of the tiles. But, a good time was had by all!

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