Saturday, February 13, 2010

Check out these adorable cookies! I made them for my friend Elvin's birthday. Usually when one of my coworkers has a birthday, I make cupcakes. But I decided to try something different this time. Since my Christmas cookie experience, I've been wanting to practice my icing techniques.

Elvin loves the Toronto Maple Leafs. To say that he loves them is an understatement, really. So...I remembered the maple leaf cookie cutter I got for Christmas and thought it would be perfect!

I made the sugar cookies, rolled them out, baked them and let them cool. I mixed up a 1/2 batch of royal icing and filled the icing bag. I was using the new tip I got. It was a size up from the plain round one I tried to use at Christmas. I thought this would make piping the icing easier. However, when I started outlining the cookies, the icing wasn't sticking to the cookie. It was frustrating as there were a lot of corners and each time I changed direction, the icing would come off the cookie. Augh!

After consulting some fellow bakers, I decided to add a little water and try again. Worked like a dream! After outlining them all, I mixed up the blue icing. It was a little "baby blue" for my taste, but it's the best I could do. Getting the icing on the cookie, in each little nook and cranny can be tedious and messy.

After doing a little googling, I decided to purchase a squeeze bottle. Wow, what a difference! So, here are the finished cookies. They were a big hit with Elvin and pretty much everyone else at work.

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