Saturday, December 05, 2009

I can't believe it, but I've almost made it through the 2009 photo of the day project. It seemed like a fun idea on New Years Eve of 2008 but I wasn't confident I would actually make it to the end. I am now into the last month and am wondering what do to with all these photos. Hmmmm, if you have any cool ideas, let me know.

The guidelines I laid out for myself were that I could not do a "retake" and if I missed a day, I wouldn't sweat it. So, there are a few missing days (including about 2 weeks when I was without my computer) but I also have a nice progression of my black eye from my car crash. :)

So, any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Another month in review. Hmmmmmmmm.
Nov 15 - pixie look :)
Nov 12 - Coquettish
Nov 17 - Did you say "stink feet"?
Nov 23 - There's my girl

Make a print of each month to keep for posterity's sake. 123