Friday, December 21, 2007


Sarah & I made Christmas cookies last week. I was quite pleased with how they turned out. We were inspired while shopping and saw "snowflake" cutters. I thought they were so beautiful and Sarah said she already had a set. I got a surprise that morning when Sarah showed up...she got me a set of my own for Christmas! Sarah's mom used to be a home-ec teacher so she has every cookie cutter imaginable...even a foot!! Isn't that funny? My contribution was a lone VW beetle. However, this is a very cool cookie cutter.

During my first year of working at A-Channel, a co-worker, Paula Jesty, discovered my love of beetles. She insisted that I have this cookie cutter from her collection. Somehow, it found it's way into my playdoh box and was "lost" for the past 2 years. Last Christmas I was very sad...I really wanted to make beetle cookies for my mechanic but couldn't for the life of me find my cutter. This year I was determined to find it and that's when I discovered it amongst the Mop Top Hair Shop and other fun toys!

When the cookies were iced, I did take some in to my mechanic. I think he thought it was cool. Although maybe he just thinks I'm a nut. Oh well...I think they're cute! Take a look.

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chris hannon said...

now you just need an Apple-logo cookie cutter to complete your collection!