Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yes, that is correct...a new post. Finally. I'm not even sure if there's anyone left that reads my blog as I've been so negligent as of late. I'm sorry! Since Facebook came around, I've totally slacked off blogger. For all of you non-facebook people...I'm sorry, but what is your problem? Join the sensation! Just kidding. Here I am, wondering where to start.

Well, the summer pretty much came and went when I was blinking. How did that happen? It seems like I was just celebrating Canada Day and here we are crunching through the fallen leaves and pulling the collar a little tighter on the jacket. As I write this, it is October 13th. Anyone know why that date is important? Anyone? is Paul Simon's birthday. As you probably know, I believe Paul Simon is the most talented songwriter out there. So, on his special day, I'm wishing him all the best!

So, one of my newest hobbies is running. If you know me at all, you might find this hilarious. But, hear me out. It all started with a weight loss challenge between me & Jason. We challenged each other to drop some weight and get trimmer in 3 months. When I told my friend Sarah about this challenge, she got very excited and said "I can help you win!" I wasn't sure I wanted Sarah to help me win. You see, this was about 5 days before she completed an IRONMAN. I do not want to do an Ironman, so I was a little concerned about Sarah's enthusiasm. However, after watching the event, I felt a little inspired. (not life changing, but decided I could give running a chance...what had it ever done to me?) So after returning from the race, we went out and got me some "running" shoes and Sarah started me on a schedule. I started out by running for 1 minute then walking for 2 minutes. The next week I continued to run for 1 minute but my walking went down to 1 minute. The next week was running for 90 sec. and walking for 1 minute. This week I've been running for 2 minutes and walking for 1. Yeah! I know this doesn't sound like much, but to is. Right now I'm thinking I'd like to do a 5k run in December called the Santa Shuffle. However, it's not really that cold now and no snow on the ground...I might change my mind when that happens! ha ha. Sarah has been SUCH an encouragement, it's been great so far. She even took my picture on my first run. I'll try and get it from her to post here.

My niece Kaelyn turned 3 in September. (actually the same day that Sarah did the Ironman) In keeping with my new tradition, we spent the day together to celebrate. Lunch at McDonald's, of course! (what do they put in their food to create such young addicts?) and then off to the animal farm and play ground. She is such a little cutie!! What fun.

OK, I must go to bed now. I will post more tomorrow about Ironman and my new friend Kermit. :)

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You didn't post anything about your "new friend Kermit". What is that about?