Sunday, July 22, 2007

Abby's Big Day

My niece Abigail turned 8 last week. I can't believe it...she's so grown up now! To celebrate her birthday we spent the day together yesterday. The plan was to go to Dishington's Tearoom for a "grown up" lunch. Unfortunately when we got there, they were closed for the weekend. Bummer. So, we decided to go to Cora's. (a new breakfast place in town...yummy!) It was a big hit. They even brought out an apple carved into a swan with a sparkler. Then we hit the mall. First stop was the bead store to make a bracelet. We then picked out a present for baby Liam. Mommy & Daddy, Josh & Kaelyn joined us for a BBQ and we finished the day off by going to see the new baby.

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