Saturday, February 18, 2006

a picasso or a garfunkel

Some things in life are just not meant to be. For me, I think that is seeing Art Garfunkel. Two years ago, Karla & I had tickets to go and hear him in Michigan. After a full day of shopping, we arrived at the venue to find out he was sick and the concert had been cancelled.
I decided to try again when I heard he was coming to Toronto. How could it be more perfect? Hearing that angelic voice in the fantastic acoustics of Massey Hall...great! My friend Adam & I got tickets. Unfortunately, the week before the concert, I got an ear infection in both ears! I was really hoping and praying my hearing would return before the concert, but alas, it didn't. I could "hear" but not fully appreciate the fullness of his voice. And the instruments sounded out of tune and "clangy".
He did lots of his Simon & Garfunkel classics including several of my favourites, Homeward Bound, American Tune, For Emily Wherever I May Find Her, Kathy's Song and of course Bridge Over Troubled Water.
After the concert, I really wanted to try and get an autograph. I had heard it was a really easy place to get one, so we headed to the "stage" door and waited with about 25 other people. To be completely honest, I was surprised to see so many people was, after all, just Art Garfunkel. Some of them were really quite obsessed. It was a little disturbing. Anyway, when he finally came out, I didn't recognize him. He had a Tilly hat on and looked like an old man. Which, I guess he is!! Adam, being 6'7" tall, had an advantage and snapped the above photo. Unfortunately, he did not sign autographs. (Adam or Art)

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