Tuesday, December 13, 2005

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! Have I mentioned how much I hate winter? For the past few weeks, we have been digging out our cars in the morning and driving through sloppy, slushy streets. I've had enough and it's only just begun! Yikes. Last week I drove to my parents and halfway there I completely lost the road. It was so scary. I hit the rumble strips a few times and fortunately was able to follow a Ford Escape until I was out of the white out. It was horrible. Bring on the sun & hot weather. If it weren't for family and friends I would be seriously considering a move further south.
However, at this time of year, I can put up with the snow simply because it's the Christmas season. I love it. The music, the cookies, the shopping, the crazy schedule...it's so fun. I can't believe it's almost here again. Only 12 more days...hey, just like the song!

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