Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In the past week, I have gone to 2 concerts. I enjoyed them both, although a very different vibe at each. The first was Pearl Jam at the John Labatt Centre. I got tickets last minute, and although I'm not the hugest fan, decided to go for nostalgic reasons. My friend Chris and I headed to the JLC after work and found our seats. Unfortunately we couldn't take our weapons, chains, bottles or gang colours with us, so it wasn't quite as fun as it could have been!! It was the first concert I went to that they even checked my socks for a weapon...a little crazy! The opening act (Sleater-Kinney) was horrible. It pretty much sounded like noise to me and I was surrounded by a bunch of really annoying frat-type boys... however, once PJ hit the stage it was pretty good. With classics like Alive and Evenflow, I felt like I was in highschool again!
On Saturday I headed off to Toronto to see Jack Johnson with Animal Liberation Orchestra and Matt Costa I LOVED IT!! Well, I loved it after we actually got to our seats. For some reason they sold all tickets as general admission...this caused mass chaos. Throw a "wristband" policy in there and you've got a lot of confusion. Both opening acts were GREAT...and Jack was even better. I loved it...great feel.
One think I discovered from these concerts so close together is, I'm really not into large crowds of drunk people. I'm so sick of seeing people tripping over themselves and everyone else. Get ahold of yourself! I'm also really disgusted by women that insist on using their cleveage for who knows what reason! AUGH. Ok, that's my little rant.

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